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The Players:

Archon 13 – guitar
Archon 12 – bass
Archon 4 – drums

Hometown: Austin, TX

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  • Necrorahmus
  • Night Surf
  • It Comes for You
  • Full album (vinyl, CD, and digital) coming later in 2024!

    RAHMUS A stylistically unique rock band from day one, the members of RAHMUS hail from a variety of musical backgrounds, yet have been playing in sync as if they had been together their entire musical careers. And they have been.

    Throughout the course of this supergroup´s collaboration, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life and across genres. While performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances, their captivating, high–energy concerts and occult vibes have earned them an ever–growing fan base.

    RAHMUS We are humbled and honored to be on this journey with whomever hears even a fraction of what we have to say. Since our music typically has no vocals, we hope that the short messages contained in our releases continue to strengthen your resolve in the fight we hold most dear: The belief in science, the Enlightenment, and the denouncement of all organized theistic religions. Remember, you are a limited finite being, that no one knows what happens after this life, and that those who claim to know are who should be opposed most of all. All hail!